Art with spiritual entoptic phenomena (Eye Floaters) by Hildegard of Bingen.

The category “Quarterly Picture” of the newsletter „Holistic Vision“ introduces realistic, artistic, and/or spiritual/religious representations from different cultures and times which could show entoptic phenomena, or be inspired by it. In this issue: Art with spiritual/religious entoptic phenomena by Hildegard of Bingen.

Hildegard of Bingen: The true trinity in the true unity (around 1165, parchment,
Codex Scivias).

It is significant that visionary religious art frequently shows abstract forms. Some archaeologists and anthropologists hold that these forms represent entoptic phenomena which increasingly and distinctly appear in altered states of consciousness. In the case of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), the German Benedictine mystic, it is frequently held that the abstract forms of her visions have been caused by migraine.

And while we already speak of speculations: the pictorial representations of Hildegard’s visions suggest that, in her ecstatic states, she has seen the phenomenon of eye floaters clearly, and in part she superimposed it with visions of Christ. This could be an explanation for this double membrane circular figure which was, of course, complemented and interpreted in the sense of Christian belief, namely as a triadic unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is the second vision in the second book of the Codex Scivias. The triune nature of the divinity appeared to Hildegard as a “glaring bright light, and within it a saphire blue human shape burning all through in the gentle red of sparkling flames”.

You will find this and other pictures in the gallery.  Do you have drawings of eye floaters or other entoptic phenomena (eye floaters, flying corpuscles, afterimages etc.)?  Do you know of realistic, artistic, and religious representations of such appearances?  Then send me the picture or give me the tip; I would like to publish it in the newsletter and/or in the gallery.

Author: Floco Tausin, Leuchtstruktur-Verlag, Switzerland

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