fashion brand DISARM wins int. “ Dress the Band “ competition


On February 2, 2009 after scouring the hundreds of applications sent in from many different countries Nolcha announced the winners of the Dress the Band Competition featuring UK band Southern Attic.

German menswear designer Lars Böttcher of Disarm who started his label in 2006 was chosen as the winner in the Apparel sector of the competition. His designs were influenced by “wild rock music and modern couture.” Once a tiler in Stuttgart the designer’s collection for the men of Southern Attic reflects artistic libertine and extraordinarily rocking design.

“I think the styling of each band member is almost perfect… Disarm especially nailed it (with razor sharp precision) the looks of Rory and Shain. For example, with Rory, he really found a perfect mix of a much tailored look with a Rock & Roll edge, which is what a modern lead should have. Rory specifically mentioned his appeal to scars, leather jackets, and sunglasses with a hint of English Gentleman,” explained Shane Ward, designer or Shane and Shawn a footwear company based in New York whose experience with the jet-set rockstar look is years in the making.

Daniel Vosovic, of his eponymous line as well as a former contestant on Project Runway took his judging tasks to heart, looking at not only the originality of the designs but also the probability of taking the sketches/images from concept to reality.

“Each of Disarms looks is chic and sexy, but with a touch of nostalgia – the perfect pairing for a band like Southern Attic. What I particularly enjoyed was how each look was distinctly individual but worked as a whole, much like I’m sure it’s like to be a part of a band, a truly fantastic job!” stated Vosovic.

Shawn Ward, CEO of Shane and Shawn rounded out the judging panel with a perfect summary.

“I think they paid the most attention to the rockers individual styles, and I think he got Rory’s 100%. There is also a good sense of class and modernizing a lot of the Keith Richards looks, which the band seems to like so much. Good job to Disarm!”

Lynn Furge, Creative Director of Nolcha hand picked the judging panel to look for both originality and attention to band preferences which were up on Southern Attic’s my space page and website since the contest’s start in November 2009.

In the Accessories Category, Chicago-based designer Tracey Mayer is consistently influenced by local artisans in Southern Asia. Her use of 950 silver and sand blasted that made her collection perfect on-stage or on camera.

For Band Accessories, Debbie Peel of Peel created durable stylish bags with multiple compartments for life on the road. She even added a fixture dedicated to an Oyster Card that will help the guys out once they get back on their soil.

“We want the promotional material to depict a realistic look at life on the road in Rock and Roll. Debbie Peel’s bags do just that, merging function with fashion,” explained Furge.

The Dress the Band photo shoot will take place during London Fashion Week on February 23, 2009 in association with Gina Conway Aveda Salon and Fashion TV U.K. Images will be used in Southern Attic’s promotional materials including the press kit, Tour/Gig guides, website and more.

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