Racing the Road to Victory-The Mercedes Benz GLK “PikesPeak”leaves the competition in the rain


 The unique symbiosis between RENNtech and Platune reached a new peak at this year’s GLK-SEMA Tuner Challenge in Las Vegas. Four of the world’s best high-performance auto tuners competed for the most exclusive and

technologically advanced modification of the new 2010 GLK-Class, and

RENNtech won a glorious victory. Although the RENNtech Rally Racer went in this competition as the odds-on favorite, expectations ran high and other competitors were worth mentioning; however, the superior GLK “PikesPeak” left everyone else in the rain, for RENNtech and Platune understood how to synthesize outstanding technology and unique design.


Originally, Platune Technology received the challenging task from RENNtech USA in order to innovate and enrich the GLK project; and soon, the two began to collect ideas. Hartmut Feyhl, CEO of RENNtech, handed over all responsibility to the exterior and interior design to Platune Technology, while the highly valued RENNtech company provided technological know-how at the highest level of sophistication. The result is stunning; the GLK “PikesPeak” Racer is a fast, exciting hybrid rally racer that successfully combines powerful and qualitative technology with inspiring and unique designs. And the voters at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas couldn’t agree more. Among other great tuner companies, RENNtech stood out and convinced the voters with its superior rally racer.


However, RENNtech’s and Platune’s dedication for the revolutionary driving experience does not stop with this project. Quite the contrary, the victory ignited even greater motivation to capture the market with their

extraordinary combination of luxury and technology. Platune Technology is

proud to announce that it will continue to collaborate with RENNtech in the

near future in order to meet the exclusive needs of the customer. In fact,

RENNtech and Platune are currently working on new striking projects for

2009, as they plan on a limited version of the RENNtech Platune SLR with

722 PS and a special race version of the

RENNtech Platune c63 with 620 PS.

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