Free Automatic Google Cache Checker Extension

Gadget Advisor have recommended many browser extensions on the basis of features use and functionality. They are once again reviewing another handy and effective piece of software thats easily added to your Firefox browser.

This light weight add on is geared towards anyone involved in marketing of web sites, either your own or someone else’s where its essential to know if and when a specific page or website has been Cached.

Knowing if a page or website is cached is vital for many reasons. When a specific location has been cached, this shows Google is crawling that page and any additional information added will be updated in Google search. Obviously a page which isn’t cached would be a bad place to advertise anything. In the same way an Internet marketer would have to take steps in order to get that site cached.

Firefox holds a good reputation with website developers and Internet marketers, this is mainly due to the flexibility of the browser and the ability to add many additional applications.

Gadget Advisor who are fast becoming one of the leading sources of technology and software news have felt it necessary to review what they would consider a very effective online tool for any web marketer.

Like all Gadget Advisor’s reviews they often consider many alternative applications to form a final decision. This is based on many factors, In this case the free Automatic Google Cache Checker meets the criteria of: Ease of use, speed, effectiveness and more importantly its free.

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