Mach Racing Team – The new pilot Filip UGRAN

Kopf kleinThe first training session with Filip Ugran there was in Italian Jesolo in November and since the second training for December was immediately fixed in Italian Comacchio . Filip Ugran comes from Romania , for the first time in karting and did his job very well from the beginning . It is planned in 2014 to go with Filip in an international karting series in Italy at the start. That should work out well for the talent . There are so regular training planned. Support for this comes Filip and the Mach Racing Team , from the company THREE PHARM and of the company KATT . Furthermore, the Mach Racing Team has the support of the well-known company CASTROL and of the company KLIMA . With Filip it will probably be even a second training in December, so a total of then this year his third workout. The Mach Racing team has high expectations for Filip Ugran and expects 2014 with several victories in its class. Information can be found at www.mach