The JogStyle from Omron Healthcare for an Athletic Lifestyle

JogStyle from Omron

Pleasantly-warm temperatures and the enthusiasm for great performances in London strengthen the personal will to exercise more often. Active people improve their physical fitness as well as their mental well-being, and are able to cope better with a stressful daily life. Supporting running tools help both professional athletes and ambitious endurance runners with controlling and optimising their performance.

The JogStyle from Omron – High efficiency and intuitive handling
The JogStyle from Omron Healthcare is the perfect device for every runner looking for a straightforward and efficient running computer. After some simple presettings, it is ready to use and offers several practical functions to support the daily training. Besides important running data such as distance, time, current and average speed, the small activity monitor additionally measures the amount of calories and fat burned. The input of the basic settings weight, height, stride length and time allows an individual data processing. In order to exactly calibrate the device, the user runs on a measured track of 400 metres to record personal running pace and stride length. The runner can easily put the handy device into a pocket or attach it to the waist with the practical fixing clip. To record the training, users activate the workout mode by pressing the start button for approximately three seconds. Now, the display shows current speed and distance. By pressing the start button again, the runner stops the training recordings and receives the current results of the run. At any time, the user can follow all 24h-results and see overall distance, stride length, calorie consumption and burned body fat by pressing the mode button. Thanks to its innovative 3-D sensor technology, the JogStyle monitors all movements ranging from a slow walk to a fast run.

Motivation in daily life and training
In contrast to classical sport watches solely calculating the pure work-out, the JogStyle is at the user’s side 24 hours a day, even during phases of less training. As a personal motivational coach 24/7, the handy device also determines the daily amount of calories and fat burned as well as the daily steps. With the memory function, all data of the day can be saved for seven days. Up to seven training units can be stored separately for an optimal comparison. Thereby, runners can perfectly monitor, analyse and improve their individual performance – for ambitious athletes an important support and motivation to accomplish their daily training goals.

Recommended by athletes
The JogStyle combines the intuitive handling of a pedometer with the exact measurements of a complex sport watch. Comprehensive tests prove the exact measurement technique. Also exceptional athlete and two-fold German marathon champion, Bernadette Pichlmaier, already used the practical running tool. “Especially for long as well as relaxing runs, it provides all necessary data for me,” explains the German long-distant expert.
With a price of only 59,99€, the running computer is a helpful investment for professional and endurance athletes.

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