Pop Rock Group World5 finding Radio Success on an International Level

Cover World5 - Global Experience

SAN LUIS REY, CA: With testimonials coming in from such radio station celebrities as Michael Damian, the award winning song „You and I“ has been gaining global attention on the internet and is currently poised for commercial success.

 ’You and I’ from World5 is set to become one of the biggest hit singles of 2012.” states Gary Hendrix, CEO from the Independent Music Network. Grammy nominated celebrity Michael Damian, stated „One of my favorite new singles of theyear so far is ‘You and I’ by World5″.

 While recording songs for the band’s upcoming debut album titled „Global Experience“, the single (accompanied by an official music video) was releasedto a variety of community music websites and internet radio outlets. The reactionthat followed was much better than originally anticipated, charting well and finding regular rotation over 60 stations internationally.

 The songs that will make up „Global Experience“ were produced by 16-time nominated and 4-time Grammy winning producer Randy Miller, whose credits include the likes of Burt Bacharach and Destiny’s Child. „I knew that ‚You and I‘ was the single as soon as I heard it,“ states Miller as he discusses the quality of the song „It was so catchy and the chorus stayed with you.“

 World5 is represented by Black Mountain Productions Inc. and the album “Global Experience“ www.world5music.com will be released through Island Def Jam Digital Distribution May 1st.

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 ABOUT WORLD5: The band World5 consists of five close friends: Raimund Breitfeld (Gothenburg, Sweden), Don Bruner (San Diego, CA), Stephan Goessl (Munich, Germany), Steffen Goeres (Wellington, New Zealand), and Roland Childs (San Francisco, CA) who all have performed live together over the years but later found homes in separate countries. Having great chemistry and the advantage of the internet, the band is able to collaborate and create music while communicating via Skype. Producer Randy Miller heard the potential in their songwriting and wanted to work with the band, as did mastering professional Stephen Marcussen (Santana, Pete Yorn, John Hiatt).

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