Dry shaving without skin irritation

Anyone who has shaved dry, is aware of the skin irritation . A frictionless shave is prevented through fat or moisture on the skin and irritations are evoked. The shaving becomes an ordeal..

It is good to have a dry shave after taking a shower, because the beard is softened. But this is exactly when the remaining moisture causes skin irritation. With simple methods this can be avoided. For example, with the pre-shave powder sticks of BLOCMEN©.

BLOCMEN© is since decades a proven pre-shave powder stick that is applied before shaving on the dry skin. It allows an exact and comfortable shaving, without irritation. Moisture and sweat and therefore fat on the skin is absorbed by the water-binding properties of BLOCMEN©. Through the soft properties of the powder a soft gliding of the electric shaver is made possible.

BLOCMEN© pre-shave powder stick is available in three variations:

  • BLOCMEN© Aloe Vera the latest pre-shave of Functional Cosmetics Company. Besides the added menthol, which brings a stimulatory freshness, the skin caring and soothing properties of aloe vera provide an even gentler dry shave.

  • BLOCMEN© Original – proven since decades with refreshing menthol.

  • BLOCMEN© Derma – was developed with no fragrance or dyes for sensitive skin types.

For the perfect shave natural mineral salts

If the skin is strained after the dry or wet shaving, the application of natural alum stone is recommended for the facial care.

Body & Skin© alum stone, is for example, an after-shave consisting of natural mineral salts which looks after the skin after a dry or wet shaving. With its disinfecting and styptic properties, the alum stone is ideal for the skin after shaving: Moistened with water, the alum stone gets damp and is applied on the skin. Thereafter it dries quickly. The alum stone which weights 0.11 kilo can be used for 1-2 years.