WU Executive Academy: Cutting-edge Tuition Technology

WU Executive Academy MBA participants don’t just profit from up to date eco-nomic findings and the latest management practices, but also from the most ad-vanced methods of knowledge transfer. Alongside case-studies, planning games discussion rounds and trans-continental working groups, new technologies are employed in the teaching process: the learning platform Learn@WU, global telepresence solutions and interactive clickers.

With the implementation of the most modern technology, the WU Executive Academy is setting new standards in MBA education and thus scores highly in the international mar-ket.

Interactive learning platform – Learn@WU
The eLearning platform Learn@WU is one of the most used of its kind of any university in the world, with more than 42,000 eLearning assets and over 35,000 users.

Learn@WU offers WU Executive Academy students an optimal extension to their on-site time spent in a lecture theatre, for preparatory as well as follow up work. Especially for part-time students, access to digital learning materials (such as case studies, specialist articles, e-cases etc.) facilitates their day to day studying enormously. Specialist topics such as accounting are expanded upon through the use of online quizzes for self evaluation. Through this a cohesive foundation of knowledge is established, on which lecturers may build during onsite modules. Activities subsequent to class time are also facilitated by Learn@WU, whether done individually or in groups. New to the platform and currently in the pilot evaluation phase are lecture-casts – recorded lectures with a beamer and voice-over.

Telepresence – teaching of the future

The WU Vienna’s high-end telepresence solutions allow students and lecturers from the WU Executive Academy to hold meetings with its international partner universities on other continents. Telepresence has proven particularly successful for meetings preparatory to international residencies to Guangzhou (China) or Hyderabad (India), for example. MBA participants are able to ‘virtually’ meet contact persons at Lingnan University or the Indian School of Business and clarify scheduling and any open questions about the residency. In the future this technology is to be used increasingly for international guest lectures on the individual MBA programs, as well as to support the WU Executive Academy’s international activities such as the Executive MBA (Global) virtual team project.

The objective of the virtual team project is to prepare international managers to manage trans-border projects successfully. A challenge which is increasingly a success factor for companies and managers in times of growing globalisation

“The unique characteristic of the virtual teams is that students from varying Executive MBA Programs, in different time zones spread across three continents, work on a project together without being physically present at the same location.” emphasises Prof. Bodo Schlegelmilch, Dean of the WU Executive Academy.
The teams use the modern online telepresence platform for the duration of the entire project, facilitating efficient interactive work – and are coached through it by experts and faculty.

Clicker – tuition technology from the ‘Millionenshow’
A clicker is a type of remote control, with the help of which students’ answers may be evaluated in seconds and immediately discussed in class.

Each participant receives a clicker; a learning method which originated in the USA – with which they can answer the lecturer’s targeted questions during the whole lecture. Thus questions are deliberately built into the teaching as a control mechanism. Both faculty and students profit – the lecturer as it is transparent how high a percentage of the group answered the questions correctly and therefore understood the topic. The students are more interactively involved in tuition and are able to immediately evaluate their knowl-edge, which allows for a more efficient learning process.

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